My guest on this episode is Transformational Healer & Gifted Intuitive, Sarabelle.  Sarabelle has nearly 40 years of experience in the healing and psychic arts and holds a degree in healing science from the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She has a private practice and hosts workshops and classes at Evolve – Sanctuary for the Soul located in Belfast, Maine and also gives psychic readings at the metaphysical store, Leapin’ Lizards Gift and Holistic Center in Portland, Maine. Sarabelle and I will discuss the 7 levels of the Human Energy Field, how they differ from Chakras and what tools we can use to help us through these challenging times! And as an extra bonus, she takes us through a meditation at the end of the interview!

What is the human energy field?  The energy in and around the body forms a grid, or a matrix of light. This matrix includes the chakra system, the meridians and channels of energies running from the physical earth to the celestial divine.  When the lines of this matrix break, an individual begins to leak life force. All disease, emotional and mental disorders as well as thought patterns can be understood through this energy template.  This energy field can be seen, strengthened, and healed by a skilled practitioner. SaraBelle can clear blockages and strengthen the field to ensure optimum vitality.  Transformational healing works excellently with other healing modalities such as allopathy and talk therapy. Clients heal markedly faster when they include body work in their healing plan.



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