This is Part 2 of my interview with Walter Selens! Walter is a licensed massage therapist who has been practicing bodywork since 1988. He began studying Parapsychology in 1986 in the Parapsychology Program at Cape Cod Community College. He started off as a paranormal investigator and when the classroom focus changed, he found himself studying energy patterns in health and bodywork. He decided to switch his major to Massage Therapy and is now a Neuromuscular Therapist at Gorham Muscular Therapy.
In this 2nd interview, Walter explains what neuromuscular therapy is and how it can help with soft-tissue injuries. He also discusses how he is able to help people who participate in sports before, during and after an event to help improve their performance and recovery. And if that wasn’t enough, we also talk about “abrasive” Reiki!



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