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Hi there and welcome to my page!  My name is Lynda Adams and I am an Integrative Intuitive Health Coach as well as the creator & host of the health & wellness radio show/podcast, Living Life with Lynda.   I have been engaging in personal and professional development for many years and love to educate people on how to fully live a Successful Balanced Life!  I believe the key to having a healthier, happier, and more successful life is not about things or money — it’s about being present, tuning into your intuition, showing gratitude, having the courage to move outside your comfort zone and being open to the opportunities the universe brings to you!

My goal is to help people, through my Living Life with Lynda show and my Integrative Intuitive Coaching program, to connect with themselves and make some changes, over time, that will help them achieve success in all areas of their lives: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My hobbies include hiking, kayaking,  swimming, riding my motorcycle (yes I ride my own:), traveling, dancing, singing, planning & hosting events and spending time with family and friends!  My favorite thing to do above all else is to laugh and make other people laugh too!


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