Episode 67 – Hair Matters Helps During Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment with Debby Porter

Part 1: My guest this week is Debby Porter, Founder & CEO, of the non-profit organization Hair Matters. Debby will share her story about being diagnosed with breast cancer, how that led to her creating Hair Matters and how they are able to help restore and protect the uniqueness of an individual whose identity may have become fragile during cancer treatments.

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about The Four Agreements, specifically about the #1 Agreement:  Be Impeccable with Your Word.

Episode 9 – Give With Purpose – Donna Betts

Part 1-Donna Betts, Founder of Give With Purpose, explains how businesses can actually save time and money by being more strategic with how much they donate and to whom. This is especially geared towards small and mid-size businesses. Part 2-Weekly Words of Wisdom: Lynda talks about why it is important to not only give but to also be open to receiving.



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