Episode 46 – Rippleffect: Youth Development & Leadership Through Adventure

Part 1: My guest is Adam Shepherd, Executive Director of Rippleffect, a non-profit organization that promotes Youth Development and Leadership Through Adventure, Healthy Communities and Living Sustainably.  We talk about all the programs Rippleffect offers and why now is a critical time to involve youth in these programs and how helping them learn skills they may not obtain in school or at home will help them now and also in the future!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about personal development and shares some wisdom from Jim Rohn about change.

Episode 44 – Trauma Intervention Program

Part 1: Westbrook, Maine Police Chief Janine Roberts and representatives, Leslie Skillin & Margaret Nareff, from the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), based in Portland, Maine join us to explain how this program and its’ group of highly trained volunteers provide emotional and practical support to survivors of traumatic events and their families within the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event.  They also provide suggestions on how to help the people in your life who may be coping with a devastating loss.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about a picture she posted on Facebook and how surprised she was by the reaction of many.  Can’t people just take a joke anymore??

Episode 37 – Renewal in the Wilderness with Aram Mitchell

Part 1: Aram Mitchell, Executive Director & Guide, with Renewal in the Wilderness joins us to talk about how this non-profit organization “helps the helpers”.  Aram and his small group of volunteers provide wilderness trips for people who are doing good work in the world! Connecting people with wild nature helps to strengthen their sense of purpose and sustain the spirit of compassion in their lives which in turn will help them continue to do their good work with a sense of renewal! I recently joined Aram and a group of nature lovers on one of their “beauty walks” and had an awesome experience! We talk about that on the show too:)

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about how a local non-profit organization in Maine called HART helped save her mother’s cat which in turn helped save her mother as well!

Episode 36 – Understanding Alzheimer’s and How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Part 1: What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?  Drew Wyman, Director of Communications, with the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter and Shawn Shambo, Chairman of the annual Maine Alzheimer’s walk, will join us to share the latest information about Alzheimer’s and provide tips on how to keep your brain healthy.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom: Lynda talks about living life to the fullest and how being “busy” can still mean living a balanced, healthy life.

Episode 35 – Stop Trafficking US with Catherine Ann Wilson

This is honestly one of the most eye-opening and emotional shows I have ever done.  Catherine Ann Wilson, founder of Stop Trafficking US, shares her very personal story of being sexually abused at a young age and how that led to her becoming a runaway teen and then a commodity in the sex trafficking world.  She is now using her story to help prevent this from happening to other young girls and boys.  We all can help!  Listen to find out how a simple conversation with your child is an important part of that prevention!

Episode 33 – Coping with the Loss of a Child – Madeline’s Mission

Part 1: No one ever wants to be in the child loss “club”, and those who find themselves in a club they never bargained for can feel lost, alone, and scared.  Unfortunately, that’s the club Amie Marzen found herself in back in 2017 when she lost her daughter Madeline at just 4 years old.  Today, I am joined by Amie Marzen and Melissa Chretien from the non-profit organization, Madeline’s Mission.  Amie will share her very personal story with us and how that loss motivated her to create this organization that now helps other families through the same situation she was in.  This show will definitely touch your ❤️

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about her observations on the TEAM involved in the Rock Row development and offers some advice on how to help make a TEAM successful.



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