Why, What & How to Make a Successful Career Transition with Kristen Tagliamonte-Episode 129

Part 1: Kristen Tagliamonte, owner of Empowered Results with KAT, is a certified Career Transitions & Leadership coach.  She empowers mid-career professionals at a crossroads to help them realize what is next in their work lives by helping them create a roadmap forward, to maximize their confidence and realize the power of following their instincts to ride a wave of success in their career – on their terms! 

She knows all too well the challenges and doubts – but also the powerful results – that can come with transitioning your career. After a high-powered, 30-year corporate HR career developing C-Suite leaders and others at all levels of the organizations she supported, she answered an inner-calling to actively help other professionals pursue their own lifelong career and personal journeys.

In this episode, Kristen will provide information to help you make some choices if you are ready to make a career change by helping you uncover your why, define your best options to move forward, and tune into what path is best for you to live within your values, be passionate about what you do and realize greater career fulfillment.

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares an email from DailyOm about Control.

“Trying to maintain control in this life is a bit like trying to maintain control on a roller coaster. The ride has its own logic and is going to go its own way, regardless of how tightly you grip the bar. There is a thrill and a power in simply surrendering to the ride and fully feeling the ups and downs of it, letting the curves take you rather than fighting them. When you fight the ride, resisting what’s happening at every turn, your whole being becomes tense and anxiety is your close companion. When you go with the ride, accepting what you cannot control, freedom and joy will inevitably arise”………Tune in to listen to the whole article!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine – Providing Mentorship & Support to Make a Difference in a Child’s Life – Episode 126

Part 1 – Eileen Veroneau Brown, Director of Development & Communications, for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine, joins me to discuss how they provide mentorship services to children and youth ages 7-17 in Cumberland and York counties in Maine. Their mission is to ignite the power and promise of all youth and seek to remove obstacles for all young people by connecting them with a mentor – a caring adult who can be in their corner.  Ever thought about volunteering to work with children?  Listening to this episode would be a great start to learn more about this opportunity!

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about being exposed to Covid and getting a Covid test.  The test results were negative, but how accurate are they really and why aren’t we hearing about how many Covid tests have been given and how many are negative?  Want to know what the numbers are for the U.S.?  Check this out and be prepared for some staggering numbers!

Portland Recovery Community Center – Helping People with Recovery & Spreading Hope – Leslie Clark, Exec Dir – Episode 120

Part 1:  If you’ve been listening to or reading the news over the past year then you know that substance use & addictions have increased significantly during Covid.  In this episode Leslie Clark, Executive Director for the Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC), discusses PRCC’s mission of providing support education and resources for people recovering from and affected by addiction, and to spread the message of hope throughout the state of Maine.

PRCC on Forest Avenue in Portland provides a safe haven for people in recovery and offers a home for meetings and activities devoted to recovery from substance use disorder and other addictions. PRCC is operated by staff and volunteers who are passionate about recovery, and every activity is designed to help people with their daily recovery efforts.

In the last Living Life with Lynda episode, #119, we spoke with Crossroads on this same topic and I love that they work together with PRCC to help people recovery in our communities.  Do you or someone you know need help?  I encourage you to reach out and ask for help!  There are so many resources and programs available.  You just need to take that first step.

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about hiking a new trail she discovered on All Trails.  She shares how the trees she saw on that hike reminded her of an article she read by Dr. Karen Clickner, titled Lessons From Living Things in the monthly Wisdom magazine.  

Crossroads – Offering Addiction & Behavioral Health Treatment Programs – Dr. Mary Anne Roy, Psy.D., CCS – Episode 119

Part 1:  Crossroads Maine is an addiction treatment and behavioral health treatment center that provides gender-responsive treatment programs that enable clients to recover from addiction in a safe, supportive environment and develop the skills and strategies necessary to support long-term recovery from substance use. Dr. Mary Anne Roy is a licensed psychologist, certified clinical supervisor and the Chief Clinical Officer of Crossroads.  In this episode, she discusses the various treatment plans they offer, including multiple outpatient and inpatient programs, as well as other resources available to help people with recovery from addiction and eating disorders.

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about her effort to change some habits that have developed over time.  What habits do you have that you would like to change?

Episode 98 – How Covid Has Impacted Elderly Housing with Senior Care Advisor, Shawn Sambo

Part 1: Shawn Shambo has over 30 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist and is now a Senior Care Advisor through Assisted Living Locators. We will talk about how Covid has changed elderly housing and also about the upcoming Alzheimer’s Walks happening in Maine that Shawn is helping with!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Do you find that you are always running late?  What is that really saying??  Lynda shares a DailyOm email about chronic lateness that may help shed some light on that for you!

Episode 94 – From Homeschooling Children to Running for Political Office with former Maine State Representative Ellie Espling

Part 1:  Ellie Espling went from owning a cleaning business & homeschooling her children to serving four terms in the Maine State House of Representatives. She then helped co-found a program called SHE Leads, which helps to identify, train & support women to run for political office at the Local, State and National levels. We’ll talk about what made her decide to become a politician and why she feels it doesn’t take any special skills to run for office!

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about freedom and educates us on what the Pledge of Allegiance actually means.



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