Episode 70 – How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Pain, Sleep & Anxiety with Yves Brinkmann, C.Ht.

Part 1: Yves Brinkmann is a Certified Hypnotherapist and founder of the Midcoast Clinic of Hypnotherapy in Yarmouth, Maine.  We will discuss how hypnotherapy works and how he has been able to help patients who suffer from anxiety, pain and sleep disorders using this therapy.  And we also talk about how, after just 4 sessions, Yves helped cure my husband’s fear of travel that he’s had for over 15 years!  Amazing!!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about how her husband, Shawn’s, anxiety of travel developed over time to eventually affect him in other ways besides just traveling.  If you have anxiety issues, please seek treatment besides relying on medication.

Episode 66 – The Brothers Documentary Film – Surviving Schizophrenia, Suicide & Muscular Dystrophy with Love & Strength

Part 1: Director, Reggie Groff, and Suzan Roberts Norton join me to discuss the documentary film The Brothers.  This movie shares the story of Terry & Suzan’s two sons, JT and Michael.  JT was a vibrant, energetic child who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early adult years which ultimately led to him committing suicide.  Michael was diagnosed and is living with Muscular Dystrophy and was super close with JT.  To honor his brother, he wanted to make a movie about him.  Enter Reggie Groff, who worked with Michael to share this inspiring story of a family that fights through tremendous hardship and loss with creativity and a zest for life.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares a DailyOM email about Quality vs. Quantity.

Episode 63 – Peace, Love & Zoo Documentary Film

Part 1:  Director, Reggie Groff, and Zoo Cain, of the local Maine documentary film Peace, Love & Zoo join me this week to discuss their film.  The film takes you on a journey as we get to know Zoo and the impact he has made on so many who struggle with addiction recovery and how art, love and hope can help you overcome life’s most difficult challenges.

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares some information on what science has revealed about what the health benefits are from practicing gratitude.

Episode 55 – How Alternative Therapies Can Help You and Your Pet with Linda Huitt

Part 1: Linda Huitt is a holistic practitioner, teacher and owner of the healing studio, Pathway of Joy.  She finds great joy in working with her clients – both humans and their pets – and her mission is to help us all return to a more compassionate and joy-filled life.  We talk about the differences between the various modalities she offers from IET (Integrated Energy Therapy, Usui & Kundalini Reiki, Theta Healing and more) and how each one can help you.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about network marketing and the lessons learned from being involved in various companies.  She’ll share the benefits she received from the most recent company she worked with and how she was able to release the guilt she felt when she decided to walk away from that business and her team.

Episode 53 – Transform Your Life with The Monarch Method – Dr. Kimble Greene

Part 1: Dr. Kimble Greene is a bestselling author, life strategist and transpersonal counselor. Her introductory book, You Are Not Broken!, hit #1 on Amazon in 2018. Kimble’s many years of observation, research and experience have culminated in the integration of these 3 themes: Grace, Imperfection & Real Power. This dynamic platform along with her internationally recognized approach for transformation and personal power – The Monarch Method – are a ‘game-changer’ and are just some of the topics we talk about!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Why practicing patience & having compassion for others, especially with the elderly, can have a profound impact on your life.

Episode 49 – Spurwink: Offering Services for Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities, Foster Care & Refugees

Part 1: Kristen Farnham, Vice President of Development for the non-profit organization, Spurwink, joins us to share how Spurwink helps children, adults and families affected by behavioral health challenges and developmental disabilities live healthy, engaged lives in their communities.  She also shares information about their Foster Care program and their new ShifaME Refugee Services program.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares an email she received from DailyOM about how to have a stress-free home.



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