From Grief to Belief: How to Heal From Unexpected Loss with Cathleen Elle – Episode 124

Cathleen Elle is a three time #1 International Best Selling Author, Global Speaker, Certified Success Coach, Healer and Co-Host of Beyond Your Best Plan Podcast. Cathleen shares powerful healing techniques for those who have experienced unexpected loss or hidden trauma to reconnect, uncover, and embrace their joy and connect with their loved ones’ light. She has coped with multiple traumas, but the death of her 19-year-old son, Logan, from suicide was the catalyst that changed her life forever.  Today, she assists in changing the trajectory of others’ lives by providing the tools that aid them on moving through the emotions accompanied by these challenging experiences.

How Your Energy Can Be Affected by Moons, Oils, Crystals & Movement with MJ Allen – Episode 118

Part 1:  MJ Allen, owner of Presence of Mind Wellness Center, is back!  This time we talk about  some new FREE online and in-person events she is hosting including Moons, Oils, Crystals and Movement!  Want to know how the moon cycles affect your energy and what you can do to take advantage of that?  Then take a listen to this episode!

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about growing up in a household eating the Standard American Diet (aka SAD diet) and about the path that has led her to becoming a certified Integrative Intuitive Health Coach!

LIVE Tarot Reading Show – Aired on 1-3-2021

Lynda goes LIVE for the first time on WLOB with guest, Jennifer Joy, who offered tarot readings for listeners who called in! SUPER fun and this will definitely happen again!

Lynda goes LIVE for the first time on WLOB in Portland, Maine! Jennifer Joy with Tangible Tarot offered FREE readings to listeners who called in to the show on January 3, 2021. SO much fun!! Check out Jennifer on Facebook by clicking on the Tangible Tarot link above!

Intuition: What is it and How can we tap into it? Kelly Rich, Intuitive & Psychic Medium-Episode 114

Part 1:  Kelly Rich is an intuitive, psychic medium, medicine woman, the creator of Bug Light Yoga and the host of the podcast, Own Your Intuition. She is known for helping people to connect to their intuition and feel lighter, grounded and clearer on their path through 1:1 sessions and group experiences. Kelly facilitates many different retreats, trainings, events and online ceremonies.  In this episode, she helps us understand what intuition is and how we can tap into it help ensure we are on the right path in life!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about how we can reduce stress during the holidays.

Episode 107 – Embracing Holistic Healing with Karen Creamer, RN

Part 1: Karen Creamer is a registered nurse, speaker, holistic health coach and author of multiple books, including “Honor Your Health: How to use Holistic Healing to Create a Life of Clarity, Comfort, and Connection”.  She combines metaphysical tools with more than two decades of nursing practice to provide partnership and guidance to help her clients get better results in all areas of their lives: mind, body, and spirit.  In this episode, Karen will share with us why she became a nurse and why she embraces holistic healing methods, including the lessons she learned while helping her parents through their own health challenges.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares an email she received from her free subscription with Dr. Robert Anthony titled, “Do you forget yourself?”

Episode 99 – The Fight to Enlight with Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Part 1: Seth Leaf Pruzansky recently published his autobiography, “The Fight to Enlight: Initiation Through the Heart is the Only Way to Win”.  He shares how, as a modern Hemp pioneer, he found healing and self-liberation after facing enlightening near-death experiences, severe childhood bullying, extreme opioid addiction, incarceration (for a non-violent marijuana crime), complete financial collapse, debilitating illness, countless heartbreaks – and how you can overcome any challenge you’re facing by discovering your own inner-strength and compassion for the world.



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