Episode 73 – Chiropractic Care, Nutrition & Essential Oils with Dr. Meghan Schoening

Part 1: Dr. Meghan Schoening, a Doctor of Chiropractic, learned at a young age the philosophy of wellness; to trust the body, feed it nutrients and balance the mind. She brings her philosophy of wellness to her practice as she works with patients on healing with Chiropractic care, food choices, essential oils and nutritional protocols and she shares that knowledge with us as well on this episode of Living Life with Lynda!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares an article titled, “People Don’t Meet Anyone by Chance”.  It is about how there are 7 kinds of cosmic connections the universe will send your way.  Lynda also talks about an “awareness class” she is taking and how it has raised her vibrational energy to bring new, very cool people into her life.

Episode 69 – Pasha Marlowe of Roots & Springs – Holistic Personal Training & Individualized Fitness

Part 1: I am joined by Pasha Marlowe, owner of Roots & Springs Studio.  Pasha creates individualized programs for her clients incorporating Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Cardio, Strength & Mind/Body techniques. She believes fitness and wellness have so much more to do with what happens inside your brain and outside of the gym/studio.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares some exciting news!!  She has gone back to school to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach!

Episode 65 – New Year’s Resolutions & Permanent Weight Loss with Jason Gootman

Part 1: Health Coach, Jason Gootman, talks with us about why people tend to fail sticking to their New Year’s Health Resolutions and provides advice on how to have long term success instead.  Ever tried a diet and didn’t have success?  Then you need to listen to this episode!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about the Netflix docuseries, Rotten, and specifically about “The Peanut Problem” episode which discusses food allergies and the theory behind why so many people have developed them today.  

Episode 52 – Overworked, Over Committed & Overwhelmed? Kim Demado can Help!

Part 1: Kim Demado, co-owner of Triple Jump Fitness, a Personal Fitness Coach & Lifestyle Strategist, talks about her mission to help women, especially over 40 that are Overworked, Over Committed & Overwhelmed to lose weight, reset their metabolism & energetically eliminate food cravings.  We’ll also talk about the awesome Harvest Your Soul event she is hosting in November!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about turning 50 and what she did on her birthday to come out of her comfort zone and “zip” into the next 50 years!

Episode 45 – Are You Self-Medicating through Your Food Choices?

Part 1: Nutrition and Fitness Coach, Nick Bloom, joins us to share his personal journey of growing up as a chubby kid to being an overweight adult and how he finally reached his health goals when he turned 40 by losing 60 lbs in 6 months, which led to him becoming a health & fitness coach for other people.  He’ll help us address the barriers and hurdles that hold us back and talk about how engaging a mind, body and spirit practice into our lives will help us live a truly purposeful and healthy life.  

*We had so much to talk about that Nick and I continued the conversation after the live show was over, so go to the 55 min. spot to hear all about meal planning!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda subscribed to a system where she gets a daily email from Dr. Robert Anthony and she shares one that spoke to her about your Core Concern.

Episode 21 – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body with Annie Poirier of Shaping Perspectives

Part 1: Annie Poirier of Shaping Perspectives shares her personal story about her years of struggling with body image issues and how she was able to finally achieve a healthy weight. We’ll talk about diets, stress and what basic things to focus on to help you achieve your healthy weight goals!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares an excerpt from the Wisdom of Sundays Book, written by Oprah Winfrey which talks about achieving a healthy weight.



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