Episode 63 – Peace, Love & Zoo Documentary Film

Part 1:  Director, Reggie Groff, and Zoo Cain, of the local Maine documentary film Peace, Love & Zoo join me this week to discuss their film.  The film takes you on a journey as we get to know Zoo and the impact he has made on so many who struggle with addiction recovery and how art, love and hope can help you overcome life’s most difficult challenges.

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares some information on what science has revealed about what the health benefits are from practicing gratitude.

Episode 62 – Building Community at Presence of Mind Wellness Center with MJ Allen

Part 1: MJ Allen the owner of Presence of Mind Wellness Center joins me this week.  She talks about the community she is building focused around wellness and how she is specifically helping women entrepreneurs make their vision a reality.  Ever had a foot soak?  If not, then listening to this show will definitely make you want one:)

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about how she used to stress herself out during the holidays and offers words of advice of how you could reduce your own stress.

Episode 56 – Domestic Violence: Recognize It, Report It, Prevent It

Part 1: We are joined by Rebecca Hobbs, Executive Director of Through These Doors, a domestic violence resource center that serves victims and survivors in Cumberland County, Maine.  Rebecca will help us understand what domestic abuse is and how to recognize it if it’s happening to someone you know and also find support for yourself if you are in this situation.

Part 2:  Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares a poem she heard on a Dr. Wayne Dyer program and written by Valerie Cox called “The Cookie Thief” to help raise awareness about judgement and making assumptions.

Episode 48 – Divorce, Co-Parenting & Re-Partnering with Counseling & Mediation Expert, Terri Decoster

Part 1: Terri Decoster, MS CPC, is a stepparenting expert and professional coach with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Terri provides counseling and mediation services to help people navigate the world of divorce, re-partnering and co-parenting to help improve the lives of all those involved, especially the children.  She will walk us through the steps of each phase of a divorce and give us tips on what we can do to improve the situation (before, during & after).

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda shares an email she received from DailyOM about how spending time alone can help us improve our relationships.

Episode 18 – How to have a healthy, happy relationship & find true love

Part 1 – Relationship coach and host of Relationship Alive podcast, Neil Sattin, We talked about how the perception of danger creates stress and affects our relationships. He also gave us some steps to take to have a healthy, passionate relationship. And if you’ve been single for a while and desire a loving, life long relationship? We covered that topic too! Part 2 – Weekly Words of Wisdom: Lynda talks about how to quickly turn your mood around if something happens to cause your mood to go from happy & excited to totally pissed off!



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