Improving Circulation with Doxyva Can Improve Your Overall Health & Vitality – Episode 152

Norbert Kiss, CEO of Circularity Healthcare joins us to talk about their revolutionary new product, Doxyva!  Studies on Doxyva have shown it increases circulation throughout the body by simply administering a CO2 vapor mist on the tip of your thumb for 5 minutes.  Increasing circulation can improve varicose & spider veins; help you avoid serious complications from Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease & Cancer; as well as improve your skin health, mood, sleep, athletic & intimate performance!  How does it work?  Join me, Norbert, Dorian MacNeil of Beach Bums Adventures, and more to hear the science behind it and how Doxyva is changing lives!

Episode 4 – Salt Room Therapy & Skincare Solutions at Craft Estetica

Part 1 – Kathleen Shaw, owner/esthetician and Rebecca Rollins, spa manager/esthetician, of Craft Estetica in Westbrook, Maine talk about the many benefits of Halotherapy (salt room therapy) which includes helping with respiratory ailments, dry skin, allergies and toxins. They also discuss their special oncology services and educate us about preventative skincare and treatments for acne. Part 2-Weekly Words of Wisdom: Lessons learned at the Fryeburg Fair on Self-awareness, Judgement and Respect.



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