Episode 12 – What are the benefits of using CBD, THC and Natural Herbs for medicinal purposes?

Part 1-Kelly Benson from Mindful Earth Herbals, based in Raymond, Maine explains the difference between Hemp & Marijuana, CBD & THC and talks about the benefits of using both as well as herbs for medicinal purposes. Part 2-Weekly Words of Wisdom: Lynda talks about why it’s important to Pay It Forward and gives some creative ideas of how to do so.

Episode 10 – Brain-Gut Connection and How Stress Affects IBS-Stephanie Walsh

Part 1-Stephanie Walsh, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Eating Psychology Coach and Personal Trainer and founder of The Holistic Health Approach, talks about the brain-gut connection, how stress plays a major role in IBS symptoms and how to reduce your stress during the holidays. Part 2-Weekly Words of Wisdom: Lynda shares her own thoughts on how to reduce stress during the holidays and the importance of focusing on what and who is most important during this time of year.

Episode 2 – Massage, Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy with Body & Soul Health Solutions

Part 1 – Liz Jackson, from Body & Soul Health Solutions, shares with us her personal journey of how massage, reiki and craniosacral therapy helped her and how that led her to getting certified in these therapies in order to help other people. She explains how these therapies can help clear blockages and put the body into a state where it can have the ability to heal itself. Part 2-Weekly Words of Wisdom: Discussion about energy and experiments conducted using the E2 & E3 books by author, Pam Grout.



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