Local Musicians Getting Healthy on a Whole Food Plant-Based Journey with Corey Bonnevie & Cliff Gelina – Episode 137

Local Maine musicians, Corey Bonnevie of RAGGED JACK & Cliff Gelina of Dawg-House Studios and The Cliff & Bill Show join me for this high energy, informational show!  Why would I have musicians on a health & wellness show? Because they are on a whole food plant-based journey to get and stay healthy and they are SO passionate about it, that I just had to have them share their stories!! If you are overweight, take medications, have been diagnosed with a disease or just plain tired all the time then this is the show for you!! Hear how easy it can be to make a change that will change your life! These guys are living proof that you can turn your health around, just by choosing differently!! Oh and as a bonus, these super talented guys also play us a tune!  Enjoy!

How You View Food & Your Body is How you View the World – Liz Merci – Episode 132

Part 1:  Elizabeth Marcuse, aka Liz Merci, is a certified yoga teacher and health coach. She supports her clients with their relationship with food and their bodies and specializes in coaching people around eating disorders and body image. Her Merci Method health coaching program is rooted in the belief that the way you view food and your body is the way you view the world.

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about the documentary movie, The Social Dilemma, and about how our actions are causing us to be marketed to more than ever on social media!

Healthy Heart & Improved Wellness for the Whole Family with Dr. Heath & Nicole Wilt of ABCs of Health-Episode 121

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Heath Wilt and his lovely wife, Nicole Wilt.  Dr. Wilt is an invasive, non-interventional Cardiologist with a focus on primary prevention, imaging, and preventive Cardiology.  Nicole has been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years and is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.  Combined they are Co-Founders of ABCs of Health, a web-based business promoting cardiovascular health, well-being and providing onsite, online and personal education, including how to raise healthy children.  Their hope, together, is to inspire you and your whole family to live a heart healthy life so you can all feel your absolute best! 

Episode 109 – On Purpose WellBeing with Catherine Wilson, Personal Trainer and World Triathlon Competitor

In this episode, I speak with Catherine Wilson, owner of On Purpose WellBeing Center, located in Gorham, Maine. Whether or not you’re a fan of exercise, it’s important for our overall health and Catherine will talk with us about how we can all find ways to move our bodies to help us achieve our goals. Not local to Gorham, Maine? No worries! Catherine has created an app so you can participate from the comfort of your own home! We also chat about Far Infrared Sauna therapy; The Kingdom Method, a faith-based program; Recess and Results, a structured kid play based fitness; Peach, a clothing line she carries; and more!

Episode 70 – How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Pain, Sleep & Anxiety with Yves Brinkmann, C.Ht.

Part 1: Yves Brinkmann is a Certified Hypnotherapist and founder of the Midcoast Clinic of Hypnotherapy in Yarmouth, Maine.  We will discuss how hypnotherapy works and how he has been able to help patients who suffer from anxiety, pain and sleep disorders using this therapy.  And we also talk about how, after just 4 sessions, Yves helped cure my husband’s fear of travel that he’s had for over 15 years!  Amazing!!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about how her husband, Shawn’s, anxiety of travel developed over time to eventually affect him in other ways besides just traveling.  If you have anxiety issues, please seek treatment besides relying on medication.

Episode 65 – New Year’s Resolutions & Permanent Weight Loss with Jason Gootman

Part 1: Health Coach, Jason Gootman, talks with us about why people tend to fail sticking to their New Year’s Health Resolutions and provides advice on how to have long term success instead.  Ever tried a diet and didn’t have success?  Then you need to listen to this episode!

Part 2: Weekly Words of Wisdom – Lynda talks about the Netflix docuseries, Rotten, and specifically about “The Peanut Problem” episode which discusses food allergies and the theory behind why so many people have developed them today.  



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