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What is the Living Life with Lynda show?

I have been on a personal wellness journey for the past few years due to watching my father get diagnosed and suffer from one illness or disease to the next (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, colon cancer) until he passed away in March 2016.  I kept saying, “There is something wrong with our system today, there has to be a better way and it can’t be that difficult to get and stay healthy.”  As I repeated this phrase over and over, I saw amazing opportunities come my way where I was able to learn more about alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, personal development, etc.  Those opportunities led me to positions where I was able to share what I learned in order to educate other people who had the same questions I did!  I started this radio show to take people on this journey with me as I continue to discover what options are available to help us.  Join me and my guests as we dive into these very topics, to help you lead a successful, balanced and connected life.



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